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Sep 18, 2018
Mornings with Ray Dunaway

David A. Fiellin, M.D., Director, Program in Addiction Medicine Professor of Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Public Health Yale School of Medicine, talks medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction. Research shows that medication-assisted...[Read Article]


Sep 12, 2018
Doctors Slow To Adopt Medication-Assisted Therapy For Opioid Treatment

William Evans grew up in Brookfield, a high school tennis player from a family with an Ivy League pedigree. By the time he was working at his first job after college, he was addicted to opioids, spending $25,000 in less than a year and driving to Philadelphia twice a week to buy drugs on the street... [Read Article]


Sep 6, 2018
YSPH Responds to Overdose Crisis with Panel Discussion, Naloxone Training

What happened on the New Haven Green last month was not an overdose, but “a series of poisonings,” Professor Robert Heimer told a capacity crowd Wednesday in the Yale School of Public Health’s Winslow Auditorium. Heimer was one of six expert panelists organized by students with the Addiction Medicine Collaborative... [Read Article]


June 15, 2018
D'Onofrio highlights heroes fighting opioid epidemic in Emergency Medicine... conference keynote

When Gail D’Onofrio, MD, MS, finished med school at Boston University in 1987, she stayed on for a residency at Boston City Hospital that thrust her into the heart of what she called the “big 1980s cocaine epidemic.” It was a baptism by fire. “I was in the war zone every day,”... [Read Article]


April 30, 2018
Yale-developed plan to curb opioid overdose crisis helps state, nation

The opioid addiction and overdose epidemic continues to take the lives of too many Americans. Of the nearly 64,000 overdose deaths reported in 2016, almost two-thirds involved a prescription or illicit opioid. Yale faculty have confronted the crisis including research that impacts policy and... [Read Article]


April 16, 2018
Emergency medicine experts lead national effort to reduce harm from opioids

Yale emergency physicians Dr. Arjun Venkatesh and Dr. Kathryn Hawk are lead investigators for a $1.4 million initiative to disseminate best practices and implement evidence-based interventions in the Emergency Department to reduce harm from opioids... [Read Article]


March 23, 2018
New strategies to combat opioid addiction

In 2000, a doctor from tiny St. Paul, Virginia, asked the School of Medicine for help with a terrible problem. Art Van Zee, M.D., a physician in a community clinic, reported that opioid abuse was sweeping Appalachian coal country like a tsunami. People he had cared for since infancy were... [Read Article]


Jan 26, 2018
Opioid Myths Busted

Shut down detox centers. Get people bed rest. And methadone. Those might not sound like the most popular ideas for dealing with the growing opioid crisis. Two experts who have studied the crisis in depth, as part of seeking solutions, argue that those ideas will work better than what society is doing now... [Read Article]


Jun 13, 2017
Yale School of Medicine holds symposium in New Haven on Connecticut opioid crisis

The country’s two previous opioid epidemics led to changes in federal laws and policy, but had other unintended effects that are likely helping to fuel the the current drug crisis, according to a Yale professor... [Read Article]


Mar 23, 2017
State Ranks High In Opioid-Related Visits To Hospitals

In less than eight hours last June, Yale-New Haven Hospital's emergency department treated 12 patients who had overdosed on opioids. Three died; nine were saved. With opioids in wide circulation, Dr. Gail D'Onofrio, chief of emergency medicine at the hosp... [Read Article]


Oct 6, 2016
Connecticut rolls out new strategy to combat opioid addiction, overdoses...

Gov. Dannel Malloy on Thursday unveiled a statewide strategy to address the opioid epidemic that he hopes will reduce the number of fatal overdoses that continue to ravage Connecticut by providing more access to addiction treatment... [Read Article]


Oct 6, 2016
Yale experts deliver state strategic plan to battle opioid epidemic

On Oct. 6, Yale’s Schools of Medicine and of Public Health hosted a press conference convened by Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy to receive the state’s final report and strategic plan on fighting the opioid epidemic. Earlier this summer... [Read Article]


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